We Love Remote Workers!

We believe that our employees are what make BPG incredible. Our culture is one of freedom and responsibility. We hire the best and then get out of their way. If you want the enjoy the freedom to reach your potential, give us a call.

Reasons You’ll Love Working Here:

  • We believe the less HR the better.
  • You are already empowered — we don’t give it or take it away.
  • We have core hours, but you can set your schedule.
  • You can participate in whatever role you have the passion and expertise.
  • We don’t pinch pennies on training and support.
  • We actively reward outstanding performance.
  • We hate performance reports — and we don’t do them.
  • We believe time away from work is healthy.
  • We believe you make us better.

You Will Love Working With BPG

We understand the value and quality of life improvements that remote working allows. BPG embraces the remote worker model and uses the flexibility it provides as a competitive advantage. If you have that self-determination to make remote working “work” for you, let us know.