The "UN-CRO"

We like to think of ourselves as the “Un-CRO”.

With other CROs, the sales team is divorced from the functions that have to deliver the product. The end result is clients are constantly disappointed (oversell and under deliver).¬†We don’t sell you a product we can’t deliver.

With other CROs, the team doing the bid is often very different from the team assigned to your project. Many Sponsors find out that if they aren’t spending millions of dollars, they aren’t going to get the best talent. We don’t bait and switch our clients.

With other CROs, process is served regardless of context. We understand the need for flexibility and that process needs to serve, not simply be served.

With other CROs, bid prices can be artificially low to try and win business. They hope for change orders and protocol amendments. We don’t low-ball bids to only try and get it back later. You get a fair and accurate estimate.

With other CROs, transparency is only found in their building windows. When troubles emerge, truth is the first casualty. With BPG, we own both our successes and our mistakes. We aren’t afraid to admit difficulties or issues. You expect and deserve the truth. We give it.

The Courage to be Different

The clinical research trial industry continues to evolve and so must the CRO model. We leverage our Sponsor and CRO experience to bring our clients rapid, cost-effective solutions. We are innovators and can help you get to the outcomes you need.

We Are Growing!

As a start-up CRO, we have already made a significant impact. We have a first 18+ months gross of 2.2 million dollars and we continue to grow. We think we are just starting. Our team is hungry, passionate, and ready.